How to Help Parts of Your Body Survive the Arrival of Winter

If you live in a part of the country that allows you to, you may love celebrating the arrival of each season. As winter rolls around, it's the chance to break out those woolly clothes and to throw a log on the fire as you create that special kind of home atmosphere. However, you may struggle a bit when the mercury falls, as your skin is not used to the lower humidity and if you find that you are overly sensitive and that your hands or other exposed parts of your body seem to crack or split, then you need to take some regular action to put things right. [Read More]

Common Skin Disorders You Could Develop

One of the major organs of your body is your skin. However, it is also one of the most overlooked organs, despite the fact that it covers your entire body! Your skin does not only function to protect your inner organs, though. It also is tasked with regulating your temperature, providing your body with vitamin D and more. Just as your other organs can be compromised, so can your skin. Knowing what the different skin ailments are will keep you better informed at judging whether you are dealing with a serious problem or not. [Read More]